• Building Trust: a Semco Style Workshop

    Build the right foundation for a better way of working with this one-day workshop that will revitalize the trust-building process in your organization.

    USD 150 / participant

Why is building trust so important?

Trust is the foundation for the best ways of working.

  • It’s never been harder to attract & retain top talent.

    It is widely known that organizations today are struggling to attract and retain talent.

    Millennials - who now comprise almost 50% of the workforce - expect freedom and seek purpose. As digital natives, they see that remote work is possible, and they don’t accept antiquated, arbitrary-seeming command and control rules.

  • Its disrupt or be disrupted.

    In our economy, talent is the most important asset companies have. Talent is crucial as the world changes and business models evolve.

    No organization wants to be disrupted out of business -- without engaged people, you’re already falling behind.

    Organizational leaders know this, but most wonder...

  • ..."where does my organization even begin?"

    The answer is to begin by building trust.

    When you stop to think about it, you realize that most of the rules that frustrate and demotivate workers exist because it is assumed that people cannot be trusted.

    Workers are not treated as adults, and are instead fettered by "boarding school rules" governing how to dress, what time to come in, and pestered blockers limiting access to websites.

    Trust is the foundation for improved, honest, and more human ways of working.

    If the relationship between employer and employee is based on trust instead of distrust, and if leaders embody and live this trust, a basis for creating an employee-friendlier environment is laid.

Identify the team problems

With great powers comes great responsability

By implementing our programs, you will:

Establish trust as the foundation for better
ways of working.

Have a positive and hands-on experience around trust through team-building exercises.

Inspire participants to immediately start building trust as individuals, and as a team.

About SEMCO Style

Semco Style companies organize wisely around humans instead of traditional structures and procedures. They treat adults as adults, put people above organizational modes, and see freedom and self-interest as the basis for collective alignment.

Semco Style is based on the experiences and learnings of Ricardo Semler, who has catalyzed organizational changes in the Semco family of companies for the past 30+ years.

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